About Dave Striegel

As the youngest of 6 kids raised in the shadows of Pittsburgh, Pa, early on it was pretty clear that Dave would lead a life of service to others with a strong work ethic. Managing multiple paper routes, cutting lawns with his Grandfather and working at a nursery before he took a job at his brothers gas station at 15 that would pretty much seal his career path from then on.

“I’ve always loved working with my hands…”

All through High School and into his college years at the University of Pittsburgh, Dave continued working at service stations until at the age of 20 when he decided to take on his first role as business owner. He then spent the next 20 years honing his skills as a master mechanic and shop owner until the age of 40 when construction started on his dream of building a brand new state of the art auto repair shop – Elizabeth AutoCare.

It is this successful business that Dave continues to use as the model and template for his unique marketing, profit and workflow strategies that are taught to other local business owners.

With a keen focus on Digital Media, Dave utilizes TV appearances, live speaking, and classroom formats to various audiences all over the country as well as in his own training center. With topics around profitability, employee management, traditional marketing, digital marketing, video marketing and proven local Google search tactics that inspire and motivate other local ‘Brick & Mortar’ business owners all over the world.

Dave Striegel

“There’s a lot of ‘been there, done that’ industry experts out there, but I think it’s important that I’m still out there DOING it in my own local Brick & Mortar business – that means the world to my clients!”